Even though Egg Drop Soup seems to be everybody’s favorite, here are a couple you really should try:

  • Velvet Corn Soup
  • Hot and Sour Soup (my favorite)
  • Royal Chicken Soup
  • Japanese Miso Soup – our newest

Velvet Corn Soup is a little like egg drop soup with the sweetness of corn,  it’s really delicious.  My favorite; Hot and Sour Soup, has a mild heat with wonderful flavors, topped with crispy Wontons, it’s great you need to try it.  The Royal Chicken is loaded with chicken and veggies in a coconut broth which if you’re a fan of coconut is a delightful soup you could make it a meal in a Hot Pot.  Give these soups a try, you’ll love them.   Japanese Miso Soup is full of so much flavor and the freshest vegetables, you have to try it, it’s delicious.