The most popular Appetizer’s at The Moon are:

– Chicken Sate’ (Chicken on a Stick with Peanut Sauce)

– Sui Mai (steamed or fried)

– Spring Roll or a New Summer Roll (Fresh Veggies in a Rice Wrapper – Not Fried)

Sui Mai is like a little dumpling purse of ground shrimp and pork along with water chestnuts all ground together and put inside the dumpling with lots of fresh garlic.  The steamed version is a healthy alternative to most common appetizers, it comes with a delicious dipping sauce.

Spring Rolls are similar to Egg Rolls but the wrapper is very thin unlike an Egg Roll and when their deep fried become very crispy.  The Summer Roll is a great alternative to a Fried Spring or Egg Roll, it’s very Fresh and delicious, served with Peanut Sauce.   If you like hot, my personal favorite dipping sauce is a combination of hot mustard with a little appricot sauce (orange).  It’s a great combination.